Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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  1. Some cool stuff Mohamed, but I would suggest letting an American friend do a spelling check (CharActers instead of CharEcters. On one page it says squel instead of sequel).

    Also, the logo (Killzone: Sequel) differs from page to page so I would keep that uniform if I were you.

    I think you did a lot of work and I like the renderings, but it's unfortunate that you didn't do anything with some of the feedback we gave you during Vis Com. The sky trooper (it says tropper now) still has the weird angles on the wings which we talked about. Same goes for the train, the horizon is still in the middle for example.

    I would suggest changing those things still, because if I can see it then the people who will review your portfolio definitely will see it.

    Anyway keep it up, you can really tell you worked super hard on this!